Always A Half Step Ahead

ABI USA Sales Corp. is an industry leading importer and provider of Gift Packaging and Party Supplies. Our international reputation in developing, sourcing and manufacturing has been well known, not only to many of our current suppliers, but to an unlimited number of international manufacturers and clients. This naturally translates in our limitless potential in sourcing and our ability in the area of research, design and development. Plus, having an aggregated experience over 50 years in international trade and our know-how; have vividly differentiated ABI from many of our competitors. Our sourcing territory and its realm extends, but is not limited to, most of the Asian countries, including: China, Korea, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Indonesia and European countries, like Germany and France. Our annual investment in R&D surmounts any other investment category or expenditures, and we surely and confidently believe that it topples any of our competitors. All of our staff feels a strong obligation and responsibility to transform our ideas and thoughts into successful products. For many years our products have reached-out from coast to coast and from border states of the north to the south. ABI is built on strong principles and foundations. We are not a ‘close-out profiteer’, we work with businesses that look for consistency, reliability and endless self-development. Let us be part of your dream.

import, export, party supplies, gift packaging, custom made bags, custom made balloons

Industry: Import and Export
Type: Partnership
Headquarters: 90058 United States
Company Size: 20-50 employees
Founded: 2001


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